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      Sunil Ji Garg    B.E., P.G.D.M.M, N.D., MIETE, MCSI

I am a young boy of 50 years age willing and living to contribute to the world society, to the best of my ability and skill. I would be proud if instead of dying, I could live for my country, INDIA, and see the day when my country is on TOP of the WORLD.

My Profession:

Currently I am running an education company named "Sunmitra Education Technologies Limited", the Head office of which is located at Lucknow, the capital city Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India.  Earlier I worked as Senior General Manager and Head of Software and Content Division at a  company in Lucknow, called UPTEC COMPUTER CONSULTANCY LIMITED. Here I looked after various computer software projects, content creation, e-learning, internet and database related assignments. At UPTEC I worked for more than 12 years. I decided to leave at this juncture of my career as I thought the growth path for me can now be provided by a self driven, self styled entrepreneurial venture only.

Before UPTEC I worked for UPTRON (State owned Electronic Corporation) for 13.5 years in various areas like production engineering, Research and Development and Consultancy. As my last assignment with UPTRON I was working as Head of Communications R&D looking after various Data-Communication and Tele-Communication Projects. The major projects I am proud being associated were: D10-E data entry terminal, Airlines Reservation Concentrators and Terminal Units, GIST products, Railway Announcement System and various models pf EPABXes

Before UPTRON I had a brief spell at Indian Space Research Organisation as a Space Scientist, My dream career that I left being a family loving individual.

My Education:

I am an Electrical Engineering Graduate (1983 pass-out) from Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College (Now NIT), Allahabad, UP, INDIA with ELECTRONICS as my Major Area. I also completed my Post Graduation Qualification in Management PGDMM from IGNOU, which was the toughest qualification I ever achieved. This is because I did it with full devotion and cleared every thing in first go, which only 5% of the entrants do. Before that I did my schooling at Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital and passed Class 12th of CBSE board. Oh Yes! I was lucky enough to get my name painted on school Honours Board for securing the top position in my batch. My primary schooling time is also there in my memories and it is worth remembering H.N. Vidayalaya, Haldwani; Murtza School, Rampur; Balkunj Montessori School, Muzzafarnagar. I still maintain friends from school and college days and I wish I can trace more old friends by hits on this page.

My Interests:

Practically everything in this cosmos interests me. Internet, Computers, Electronics, Magazines, Books, Music, Dance, Astronomy, Craft, Sports, Travel, Cars, Photography, Fashion, Stamps, Coins, Match-Boxes, Greetings, Poems, Films, Playing with Children, Crackers, Women, Cooking, Recipes, Medicine, Nature Cure, Yoga, Discussion on GOD Quotes, Jokes are the few hobbies I exercise on day-to-day basis. But I am willing to share possibly everything on any topic that you and me can think together.

My Role Models:

My role models on this earth are Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein and Leonard-de-Vinci. I feel that these souls are still living inside me. My role model in this universe is 'SUN', the star, the GOD, the guide, the creator and the destructor, everything for the place we live on.

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