Administration Routes and Healing Power of Aromatherapy     

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Essential oils, the main active component used for aromatherapy have a specific chemistry that helps them move effectively through multiple routes inside our body. We shall talk of four routes that are taken by application of essential oils. These are:

  • Nasal Route
  • Blood Route via Skin
  • Nerve excitation route
  • Cell-to-cell messaging route

The most novel route is the route from our nose to our mind. This is the shortest route for any medicine to work. Even the modern medicine researchers are now trying to use this route for highest efficacy, such as for calcium inhalation or for inhalation practices used by asthma patients.

Another route which essential oils can also take is the route of blood. This route is usually taken by modern allopathic medicines, by absorption from intestinal walls. An aromatherapist generally doesn’t prefer the intestinal method. He recommends application of essential oils along with its carrier oils to dilute them well. He applies them directly over the skin, so that it can be absorbed by small blood capillaries inside our skin and then transported by body to wherever the action is needed. This serves double purpose. One local application helps to heal the disease then and there itself, plus it can initiate the hormone generation process of the body by inducing signaling carried by blood vessels.

The nerve excitation route is also important as it affects the signaling system spread across our body that connects to brain and other important component of our nervous system. If a general massage has a soothing and pain relieving affect, an aromatic massage can increase its impact manifolds. This is because aromatic compounds helps cut those signals to brain which signal pain. This is similar to affect of analgesic drugs we often use.

The fourth very important route, an aromatherapist is targeting is the route of cell-to-cell signaling. Although some scientists raise controversy over this route, this route does exist. Although it is proved with lots of practical experiments, it is still not fully well understood by scientists in a way that its action can be demonstrated convincingly. This cell-to-cell signaling route is used by homeopathic practitioners also. It is claimed that healing properties of any chemical can pass through our body with the help of molecular vibrations that pass from one cell to another cell. It is also claimed that this signaling is too fast. It is probably much faster than a neuron can transmit a signal inside the body.

The healing power

It’s okay if essentials can move fast and create signals to travel fast in our body. But the big question is related to healing. The concepts of healing relate to disease cure and reduce the suffering from diseased conditions. The modern medicine system focuses on killing pathogens of external origin. Any deficiency or degeneration related diseases follow the approach of induction, replacement or delay tactics. For example a diabetic is provided with replacement insulin or drugs to induce insulin.

The approach to healing using the aromatherapy methods is multifold. The pathogen killing method it does have as it can also have anti-microbial actions. The main healing approach lies in sending the signals to brain and other cells of the body so that it corrects any imbalances inside our body by inducing right hormones or other chemicals. Our brain also does many other kinds of signaling other than hormone signaling or nerve signaling. This is a matter of continuous research. Each year new theories are being given and new methods of signaling are being found.

The action effect terms like antibiotic, antiviral, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, anti-toxic, anti-septic, diuretic, carminative, digestive, astringent, stimulant, relaxing, expectorant, sedative are not uncommon to an aromatherapy practitioner.

Its anti-depressant and anti-oxidant have been convincingly proven much higher than traditional medicine in repeated experiments. Regarding other properties also experimental research gives very encouraging and promising results. Real experiments on hundreds of patients prove that all effects claimed above are far above than the placebo effects. Additional plus point is that they are free from all kinds of side effects that are produced by allopathic medicines.

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