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Currently I am running an education company named “Sunmitra Education
Technologies Limited“, the Head office of which is located at Lucknow, the capital city Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India.  Earlier I worked as Senior General Manager and Head of Software and Content Division at a  company in Lucknow, called UPTEC COMPUTER CONSULTANCY LIMITED. Here I looked after various computer software projects, content creation, e-learning, internet and database related assignments. At UPTEC I worked for more than 12 years. I decided to leave at this juncture of my career as I thought the growth path for me can now be provided by a self driven, self styled entrepreneurial venture only. Before UPTEC I worked for UPTRON (State owned Electronic Corporation) for 13.5 years in various areas like production engineering, Research and Development and Consultancy. As my last assignment with UPTRON I was working as Head of Communications R&D looking after various Data-Communication and Tele-Communication Projects. The major projects I am proud being associated were: D10-E data entry terminal, Airlines Reservation Concentrators and Terminal Units, GIST products, Railway Announcement System and various models pf EPABXes Before UPTRON I had a brief spell at Indian Space Research Organisation as a Space Scientist, My dream career that I left being a family loving individual.

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