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I was born in the family of Late Sri Ravindra Kumar Garg and Late Srimati Sushila Rani on 17th October, 1963 at a government hospital in Saharanpur city of Uttar Pradesh, India. My father hailed  from Sikandarabad tehsil of a western District named ‘Bulanshahar’ in Uttar Pradesh State. My mother was daughter of a reputed family of Ghaziabad which is about 35 kilometers from Sikandrabad. Actually my father was born in ‘Lahore’, which is now in Pakistan, as my grand father used to do groceries business there. The family had a residence in Sikandrabad also. My grandfather (Shri Raghuvar Saran) rode to the heavenly abode when my father was just nine years old and thus the younger brother (Shri Girvar Dayal) of my grandfather brought my father to India much before partition and took care of him at Sikandrabad only.

I was married in 1990 at Lucknow with a beautiful young lady, Shikha Garg who was daughter of Er. Brij Bhushan Agarwal and Mrs. Santosh Agarwal. In 1992, my first child Sonakshi Garg was born and in 1995 Sonakshi’s lucky brother Shivam Garg came into this world. Sonakshi is M.Tech in Environmental Engineering from GJU, Hissar, Haryana and Shivam is currently pursuing PhD in astrophysics (in search of Dark Matter at Carleton university, Ottawa (Canada).

As per the caste system, I belong to the ‘Garg’ gotra (a type of clan) of the Agarwal community. This is supposed to be one out of the prominent eighteen types in the agarwal vaishya community. This community is supposed to be in business of trading goods as their traditional profession. Although our family is generally full of people of all professions like Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Academicians, Businessmen etc.


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