Motivational Poem To Shivam     

Poems : Motivational27-Feb-2020

Plan things Better to Work Better,
Else at end time everything shatter.
You always know what actually matter,
But it happens otherwise due to mind chatter.

Its game of Ms and Ms all around,
Money, Machine, Minutes have to be found.
Man and Mind of Man has to be sound,
but it is the right Method you have to look around.

And Es are equally Especial and earthly,
Earnest Efforts have to be done efficiently.
Enough is never Enough should be known eagerly,
Empowering oneself needs to be done educatively.

Once you get it all and breathe every word I say,
Success in its true sense will be on its way.
Then nothing remains to be called as may,
Since everything is solid in light of the day.

Here is one of my longest english poem written
specially for your special bday. Hope
you will send a photo now.


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