The briefcase & the miniskirt     

Jokes : Mixed01-Dec-2021

😜Tokyo, Japan
A man was walking past a young girl, when a jagged edge of his briefcase accidentally tore her mini skirt.
Before the man could apologize, the girl bowed deeply, and said,“I humbly apologize for this error. The quality of my skirt is not good.”
Then she took out a pin, put the skirt back together and left.

😜New York, USA
Before the man could react, the woman pulled out a business card and gave it to him saying,
“This is my lawyer’s card. He will contact you about this sexual harassment matter. See you in court, buddy!”

😜London, England
Before the man could react, the girl quickly covered the torn spot with a newspaper, and said with a blush on her face,
“Do you mind taking me home, sir? I live not far away.”
The Englishman took his jacket off, put it on her, called a cab and took her home safely.

😜Paris, France
Before the man could react, the girl murmured with a smile,“A red rose can best convey your apology, monsieur.”
The Frenchman bought her a rose, and then they went to a nearby cafe, drank some wine.

😜Sydney, Australia
Before the man could apologize, the girl turned around, took out a hunting knife, ripped the side of his trousers and said; “OK, now we’re even, mate”

😜Shanghai, China
Before the man could say anything, the police came and took him away to labour camp

😜😜New Delhi, India
Before the man could apologize, 10 TV anchors came yelling, “We are the first TV channel to bring you this outrageous event. This is exclusive. How the modesty of a poor girl was violated in open public by a dark soul with a black briefcase. We assure you, we shall track this sordid story to the very end. India wants to know !The nation is watching ! The PM must answer !”

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