Why Not Just Have One Single Operating System Called Millenium OS     

Blogs : Technology14-Oct-2009

I am sure that every user wants this, but the companies don’t. Why can’t we have same operating system for Client as well server side with all the facilities. I know there could be lot many technical answers, but now the time has come where we have to move beyond trying to prove logic just for hidden, sometimes even open commercial interests.

Let their be something called Millenium-OS or may be Uni-OS (unified operating system) which has all the facilities in-built and it can be used on servers, thin client PCs in ROMS or on full disk based clients with all features of Windows, Windows Server, Linux variations etc.

I am sure that this idea is not new but let users of the IT world start lobbying for this demand, so that a day arrives in next 2-3 years time that such a dearm comes true. I see a potential of at least ninety percent market share of such an OS within 1-2 years of its launch.

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