A Secret Meeting With GOD     

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I was moving inside a tunnel. It felt as if the wind around me was moving very fast like a whirlpool. The tunnel was completely dark, but I still had a sense of direction. I kept on moving for a long time. I had some different kind of senses. The feeling of having a physical body was missing. It was feeling as if I was energized like the way we saw the characters getting energized to reach other stars and planets in the Star Trek movies. I did not fully understand what part inside me was thinking and what was giving me senses. The feeling of sound and touch was missing, but the feeling of light was still there to some extent. My thoughts were different but they were still coming. I was feeling the warmth which I used to feel when my mother and father were alive. I was myself alive or not, I did not know. I did not feel like breathing anymore. But still something was still carrying on. It was me, certainly me, but in some different form. The form I never experienced before. The form I do not know was joyous or painful.

Then suddenly came another different feeling. I felt that I was facing some intense light source. The light that was far more intense than any light I had ever seen before. But this light was quite soothing. It was high intensity, but it still felt ‘cool’. I am writing the word ‘cool’, not because I regained my touch sense, but it is just the word I needed to express that feeling. And that was the last thing I could sense, before I returned to my physical senses. It was already late Sunday afternoon.

I tried to analyze my dream. As usual, I sat down on my laptop and searched the Internet to find what could be the reason behind such an experience. I came across experiences of many other people with very much similar experience. The tunnel and the intense light at the end of the episode are quite common to all such stories. Was that a secret meeting with GOD?

Just think why we connect light with GOD and darkness with Demons. Why we draw a halo around heads of our Idols and saints. Why do we connect positivity with light and negativity with darkness? Why religion is connected to super natural powers beyond our thoughts. Why after so much of scientific research the dimensions of unknowns are ever increasing. Why our religious leaders say that these are matters of belief. Why we train our young children to fold hands or open hands in front of statues of some idols or may be just towards a wall. Are we naturally believers or non-believers or do we work just according to our whims and fancies and as per our convenience. Sit down with yourself for sometime, answers may not be so difficult to find. After all, not every thing needs to be answered. Even science has something called axioms, something that is beyond proof or disproof. These are always the starting points. So let’s read back the experience again, I was moving inside a tunnel …….

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