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The bio-chemical process involved in thinking is understood by scientists to some extent. The end result of thinking is to form a thought. Most thoughts are then stored in our memory. Some are discarded and you forget them fast. The process of thinking may begin with some pre-stored thoughts along with some external stimuli. 

I kept on thinking the whole day. How all of this starts. Is there a reason why something was thought and other was not. Although what was not thought could have been thought. How much did I think? Do I have a criterion for measurement? Let me narrate a story here.

“A king was about to start his journey to one of the remote areas of his kingdom. The night guard came to the king and requested the king to postpone his journey. He mentioned that in the night he had a nap and saw a dreadful dream. He had dreamt that the area his king was about to visit had been devastated due to a severe earthquake. The king asked his minister, whether to follow the advice of the guard. Minister said that he has earlier heard about dreams of this guard and advised the king to postpone his journey. Very soon the news of earthquake reached the king. He called the guard, thanked him, gave him some money, but at the same time sacked him too. The King later told his minister that he had sacked the guard because he slept during the night when he was supposed to do his guarding duties.”

Here we see the magic of thoughts happening in many ways. The Guard’s thoughts came during the period of his unconscious activity. These were related to a future event. The Minister’s thoughts were spontaneous and were based on few hear-says and past experiences. The King’s thought were based on critical analysis and thus he came to an unexpected decision.

Hope this analysis will help you find why something was thought. The minister could have also given the suggestion to sack the guard. This was not thought by the minister as he had a predisposition towards being happy about saving the life of his king.  Why a futuristic dream came to the guard is not fully explainable. Many of us must have had firsthand experience, where a futuristic event occurs in advance inside our mind. Sometimes we name it as intuition. Our scientists are still trying to find out why this happens.

I am still thinking and creating new thoughts. You should also keep thinking and create new explanations. With best wishes…


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