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Blogs : Experiences05-Jan-2014

She used to work in the department, which was heading. He was the one who had selected her in an interview for the post of a typist. She was confident. She had good typing speed. He thought that she would prove to be an extra-ordinary worker. She did do quite a lot of work every day, but he expected more. He was actually a perfectionist by nature and thus it was difficult for him to be satisfied with the normal work effort by any one in his department.

It was a shivering cold morning. He invited all his teammates to the conference room for a routine work review. He made general remarks to his team-mates, some with words of praises and some with giving more challenges. He also made a passing remark that some people in the group are passing more time in rubbing their hands rather than producing the work as per targets. He did not observe that at that particular moment the typist girl was rubbing her hands due to cold. But, some other team-mates did observe. As always, the meeting got over in a normal way. He came back to his cabin.

She entered her boss’s cabin. Sir! Your comment today was pointed directly towards me. I always respected you, and I never expected this from you. The boss was stunned. He asked her to sit down calmly. Tears trickled down her cheeks. Boss had no clue, how to handle this situation. He said; “I am deeply sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. I now realize that the remark was sarcastic and should not have been made.” She heard the sorry and went back to her seat.

After two hours, she returned. She was quite normal by now. She said, “Sir! I never expected that a Boss will say sorry so easily. My respect for you has increased further.”

This was a simple episode, narrated to me by a close friend of mine. I thought it would be worth sharing with my readers. A simple sorry expressed by an elder to a younger one for a genuine reason can heal lots of wounds quickly. I consider saying sorry, for misdeeds on the part of the leader whether it was deliberate or accidental, as one of the qualities of a great leader.

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