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Blogs : Experiences04-Feb-2014

When I was a kid, my family thought that I had some special powers of predicting the future of people. Actually, I used to sit in front of the place of worship in my house for quite a long duration, which was unusual for a child of my age. I was around six or seven at that time. I remembered lots of religious prayers, mantras and hymns. I used to repeat them all everyday in front of the pictures of our Idols. Once I was asked to predict, whether my uncle would get selected in his second attempt of banking examinations. I went to the worship place, asked GOD. ‘Yes’ came the intuitive reply and the same I repeated in front of my family members. Fortunately for me and my uncle, he got selected. People were very happy and credit was given to me and my intuition driven prediction. In another such incidence my answer was a short ‘NO’ and this time also it came out to be true. Slowly many requests started coming to me and I used to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ out of my random choice. People, whose work got successful, gave credit to me. Other people, for whom my answers did not match their expectation, never discredited me, as they thought that I was just a child.

Today, no one believes that I am a gifted person. I still make predictions for my personal events and I feel that the success rate of my predictions is still the same as it was in my childhood. I still sit in front of the place of worship in my house. I still pray to GOD and ask him for favors. Now I am just an ordinary GOD fearing individual. I am no more the equivalent of the great prediction maker, Nostradamus, to the people around me. Today I stand firmly against the astrologers. I treat astrology as a way of giving satiety to human curiosity. I do not care about predictions as they are not based on any scientific fact or knowledge. A gifted child has now become a believer of ‘karma’ theory. You choose your own theory; I have chosen mine for ever.

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