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Blogs : Motivational13-Mar-2014

“The Merchant of Death is Dead”, was the headline in the morning newspaper which he read about himself. He was well in his senses, but his face became pale white. He thought: “Is this the way people will remember me after my death?” Actually it was the news regarding the death of his brother. The reporter did not examine the facts correctly and wrote this news about him.

The error committed by the reporter became one of the top ‘blessing-in-disguise’ situations in history. The person for whom this news was published was none other than the great Swedish Inventor and Philanthropist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite. This news article forced him to think differently. He thought that the world will remember him mainly for his invention of dynamite, which became a symbol of destruction. He decided to do something to change this perception. It was this “perception change effort” that made him dedicate his earnings to establish the most coveted prize on this globe, the Nobel Prize.

Think! Are we doing anything in our day to day life to die positive? Here I cite the title of a famous book by a well known author Robin Sharma, “Who will Cry, When You Die”. You may also read this book to get this message with more anecdotes.  

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