Biased GOD     

Blogs : Rational02-Mar-2014

He was an old office colleague of mine. He used to meet me very often even after I had left that company and started my own. His purpose was just to keep discussing with me some social topics, some philosophical topics or even some topics that relate to spirituality. I always enjoyed discussing with him, because at the end of the debate he used to get convinced with my logic and this always gave me pleasure. This might be my own version that he always gets convinced with my logic, but he always maintained a kind of respect he used to give to me when I was his direct Boss.

Today, to my little surprise, he started arguing about the existence of GOD in a relatively louder tone. He said that even if GOD is there, he is biased. He wanted to prove that GOD is partial. He has always seen in his life that people doing wrong things every day enjoy lots of wealth and social status and the people who do good deeds remain unrewarded. He gave examples of some of his school and college mates and he showed a lot of envy and jealousy towards their success. I felt that what he has been saying has also occurred to me many times. I read a lot of religious books, moral teaching books, visit a lot of relevant internet sites and sometimes I also feel that all the explanations given appear to be junk. They all start by saying that you need to trust GOD to find him inside yourself. All of this seems to be one-sided. There seems to be no second theory about GOD. It seems to be a creation of our own minds. When our thought process reaches a certain limit, we start avoiding further arguments with ourselves and we say “Okay! We trust that there is surely some super-power who is running this universe and we name it as GOD”. We visit people who explain the same theory again and again to us in different flavours and we claim that we are getting some sense of satisfaction or peace after visiting these so called Gurus. These gurus ask us to abandon logic for understanding GOD. Sometimes we temporarily leave logic out of respect for those gurus; sometimes we leave logic, because others around us have also left it. But! Our journey is rarely over. We keep struggling within ourselves.

I came up with my logic, in front of my friend. I tried to explain to him in easier words. “My dear friend! There is no need to attribute your failures or success of others to an unknown thing called GOD. Some people do it, because they believe that it will make life easier for them. You may not do it. You do not need to believe in a biased GOD. It is simply destiny, and destiny needs to be biased, that is why we call it destiny. Remember, destiny is ‘Destination’ reached ‘un-knowingly’”. Pick ‘Destin’ from the first word and ‘y’ from the second word”. He was a little mum after hearing this kind of word association. By this time his voice tone had also come down. He said, “You are right sir. I need to accept the things the way they are.” I was delighted as he accepted my logic once again. I knew it was wrong, but I could not help enjoying the false pride in winning the debate. On the face, I showed modesty and made a remark, “It was the biased GOD, who wrote the destiny for you, so be cool”.

But somewhere deep in my heart I was also aware of the limits of my logic. I was still struggling to find the answer to the same question which he initially asked me. “Is GOD biased?”. If he is really there, he has to be.

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