Shaking Hands with Devanand     

Blogs : Experiences10-Apr-2014

I was just thirteen. I used to study in a boarding school at Nainital. My father was also posted in Nainital. So, I used to pay weekly visits to my residence in brook-hill colony. It was a beautiful Sunday and I was on my regular home visit. My father asked me to come along with him to Nainital Club. The popular Hindi film actor ‘Devanand’ was staying there. He had come for shooting of his movie ‘Kalabaaz’. 

I very much remember every single second of those few minutes. Many people were waiting at the gate of the cottage where ‘Devanand’ was staying. He came at the gate, wearing a thick woolen sweater. He started shaking hands with all the people present. My turn also came. Oh my god! It was such a gentle and warm hand shake. My small hand and a big soft hand of the heart throb of millions. I still remember the feel. My right hand in the right hand of Mr. Devanand. At that time I didn’t knew much about him. It was when I grew old that I came to know about the magic Devanand’s persona created on the silver screen.

As the years passed by, instead of fading, my memory about this event became stronger. The feel of his hand became much more prominent. On the day, when I heard the news about the death of Dev Sahib, I became really sad. The feeling of that handshake was still quite strongly imprinted on my mind. I read a lot about Dev sahib, I came to know about his evergreen and ever-inspiring life. He remained an eternal learner and his “keep trying – keep going” attitude had always been extremely motivating.

Today, whenever I feel a little low due to some obstacles of life, I just remember that handshake feel and believe me, I do get extra confidence to face things with renewed spirit. Inspiring souls are like that. He is one of mine, you too can think of someone your very own.

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