Mouse and Keyboard Talks     

Blogs : Motivational20-Apr-2014

It was quite late in the night. Such late nights can technically be called mornings. As usual, my wife was already in her beautiful dreams. Due to cold weather, I had decided to work in my bed itself. The room was extremely cozy and silent. While using my laptop, I felt that I could hear a few mild whispers. I felt as if the sound was coming from my laptop itself. I checked the volume of my laptop. It was an absolute zero. Oh No! Was it possible? Anything in this wonderful world of technology is possible. It was my keyboard and mouse talking to each other. I do use a wireless mouse along with my laptop.

Mouse: “Hi Kaybee! Are you listening? Good morning! Are you Okay? I hear a lot of punches and pushes sound coming from your side every day. I am a little worried for how long will you tolerate the beatings of your master?” Keyboard: – “Hey Mousee! Good Morning! Actually it is the other way round. I am always worried whenever you are rigorously moved round and round in a random direction and your scroll wheel is turned at a fast pace.”  Mouse: “Naa! I am okay with my master. After all, he uses me to increase his speed to locate a place. I feel that without me, this computing world will remain a dumb and slow world of seventies.” Keyboard:”Yaa! But I am also used to increase speed. Even today, there is nothing which can allow faster creation of information as compared to punching my keys one after another.”

Before I could hear any further, my mind became philosophical. I felt if the same kind of positivity can be maintained while the members of a team talk to each other than that team will truly be the most effective team. Each member will have a role to play. Each member will know his/her importance. A member will not be complaining about his leader, even in the times of pressure. A member will have an empathy with his other co-members. A member will have an ownership role towards the team.

You may now read the keyboard-mouse talks again in this light and understand these simple team working principles.

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