Connection or Corruption     

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In a way, I can call him my friend. He is always present at every event in my family. If I face any difficulty, I share it with him. He organizes everything smoothly. If you need a train reservation during rush days, he is there. For electricity bill correction, he will call someone and the corrected bill comes right at the door-step. He was able to get our over billed house tax corrected in his first attempt itself. When I was trying myself, the answer from the municipal corporation people was a set, “please come some other day, today your file has gone to the higher officer.”

One morning, he was sipping a cup of tea in my drawing room and two of us were sharing views about the political scenario of the country. During the discussion he made an interesting remark, “Garg Sahib! In this country, if you want to get things done, you must use Connection or Corruption”. He continued, “Sometimes, even both are required”. This remark made a deep impact on my thoughts.

Are we a society of systems or just a group of people who do everything in the name of being ‘Practical’?  Many readers will wonder whether I am just another writer raising questions or someone new who can propose solutions to this almost deadlock situation. I am truly “None of the above”. Paying bribes for conveniences in return has made life easier for many, but has made me sorrowful every time, when my, “in a way” friend has helped me. I might think, that I do not do wrong things myself. If someone is helping me, what is the harm? Getting things done using connections seems to be lesser crime or no crime at the moment. I am yet to decide, whether it is right or wrong. Things are too complex. Oh! Friends, I also proved to be one, who is not providing any solutions. But I do have a pain, do you have the same in you. Introspect!


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