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For some people it is extremely difficult to earn money. Whatever they do, the goddess of wealth is never happy with them. They work hard, they help others, everyone appreciates them, but at the end of the day, their pockets remain empty. Everyone is thankful to them, but no one really pays them. No one bothers that they also have a stomach to feed. Is it your story too? Even if not, you may still like to continue reading. You may be a rich man, but knowing about a poor man getting rich has always been interesting and has been a favorite amongst the movie producers as well.

In this context, I am sharing the story of a person known to me for past several years. A few years back he used to work in my team. He was just a data-entry operator and a sort of assistant for my day to day office activities. He was not even a graduate when he joined as my assistant. He was an enthusiastic learner. In my team he quickly learnt all software applications which were in day to day use. After about a year and a half of association with me, he switched his job and landed as personal secretary to a famous builder in our town. Then he kept on switching his job at regular intervals and today within a span of about ten years, he has risen to a reasonably good position in a Multi-national company.

Few days back, I was in Delhi. I phoned him to know his well being. He expressed his desire to come for a meeting at my place of stay. I readily agreed. He arrived on the scheduled time. He was carrying a book authored by him. It was about a boy narrating his journey from an ordinary job to a prestigious multi-national company job. He wrote a full chapter on me narrating the entire one and half years of stay with me. I congratulated him with full conviction. We discussed a lot of things. Somehow our talks turned towards earnings and savings. Then he started narrating about the difficulties in saving and about losing money in his other business ventures. Today, his book is being appreciated a lot by readers on his site. He continues to provide complimentary copies to his friends. Sales are rather low, taking into consideration the fact that he had to invest from his pocket for publication of this book.

We have many hard working people around us, who struggle for a very long period to save some pennies for a safe future. On the other hand we also see a lot of other so called “workers” of many political parties who can be seen riding expensive SUVs and MUVs and helping government servants in getting the premium and prized postings, getting contracts of government projects and many other similar things. Some noise related to changing society against all this is being heard. But this noise is too weak in many zones. It is definitely quite low in our zone. Is someone listening?

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg

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