Let’s Talk Negative!     

Blogs : Motivational17-Feb-2017

“Come! let us have lunch together”. “I know you must be having some vested interests, that is why you are asking me for lunch”, comes the answer. “OK! Let’s make a new beginning”. “Every time you make a fresh beginning and make excuses”, again comes a typical reply from him”. “I really believe in retaining my relationships”. “As if, I believe in breaking them”, was the annoying answer I got.
This is a typical series of talks; we face in our day to day life. Believe me every sentence can be negatively answered. If I say “I love you”, the negative minded answer could be, “Say it clearly, what do you want from me, nobody loves without any expectations”.

One day I decided to practice negativity for whole day. It was little difficult to frame replies in the first hour of the morning but within an hour of talking, I became fluent in answering everything in a negative way. After few hours of talking negative, I realized that many sentences that I framed consciously that day were actually used by me while responding in real life interactions earlier. This negative talk game was an eye opener for me. I was ashamed of me that while I preach positivity and try to depict myself as a positive person on every forum, had such a negative person wrapped as a part of my habit.

I can’t say that I will change in a day, but I do feel an element of realization inside me. So friends! Try to play this negative talk game for few hours with a trusted and understanding partner and you can also jump into the fathoms of your own personality.

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