Raju Vs. Raju


I picked up the phone, dialed a number and asked, “Hey! Are you Raju.” “Yes! I am Raju speaking”, came a thick voiced reply. “Are you really Raju?”, I tried to confirm back. “Yes, for sure I am Raju”, again comes the same thick voice. “But your voice seems to be different this time”, I tried to confirm in a different way now. “Yes! I am Raju, what do you want from me Sir!”. I was still trying to place and connect mentally. “I am looking for Raju, The Electrician”, this was the first time I tried to relate my objective with the name of the person whom I wanted to locate. I further made a reference to the ceiling fan I had given for repairs. “Oh! Now I understand, you are looking for the other Raju. I am also Raju, but I repair only refrigerators”. Meanwhile my wife, who was listening to this conversation, came to me and gave me the phone number of another Raju whom I was actually looking for. I called up this Raju and got my work done.

After this quite usual looking episode, I tried to search my mobile address book for names like Raju. I was surprised to see many Rajus. My wife told me that most repair and maintenance service professionals are named as Raju, Guddu or some similar short names. These people have kept short nick names which are very common. Then I connected the same reasoning to the names of voices that we hear when we connect to call centers. These are short names are like Pooja, Priya, Sapna, Rashi etc.

Like always, my mind turned philosophical regarding this Raju Vs. Raju episode. I think people are becoming IDs or codes rather than real persons. Very soon we would be short of real names and will keep alphanumeric names like Raju-1, Raju23.com etc. We might land up in a situation in which we call a person with his ID like UP-23421 etc. It may sound funny, but it does have a thoughtful aspect. Are we working anymore to make our language richer? When we cannot retain even our names, how can we talk of all other words in our language? Alarm is ringing. Hear it and wake-up, or tap it down for another long duration of sweet sleep. Choice is ours.


Difficult To Earn Money


For some people it is extremely difficult to earn money. Whatever they do, the goddess of wealth is never happy with them. They work hard, they help others, everyone appreciates them, but at the end of the day, their pockets remain empty. Everyone is thankful to them, but no one really pays them. No one bothers that they also have a stomach to feed. Is it your story too? Even if not, you may still like to continue reading. You may be a rich man, but knowing about a poor man getting rich has always been interesting and has been a favorite amongst the movie producers as well.

In this context, I am sharing the story of a person known to me for past several years. A few years back he used to work in my team. He was just a data-entry operator and a sort of assistant for my day to day office activities. He was not even a graduate when he joined as my assistant. He was an enthusiastic learner. In my team he quickly learnt all software applications which were in day to day use. After about a year and a half of association with me, he switched his job and landed as personal secretary to a famous builder in our town. Then he kept on switching his job at regular intervals and today within a span of about ten years, he has risen to a reasonably good position in a Multi-national company.

Few days back, I was in Delhi. I phoned him to know his well being. He expressed his desire to come for a meeting at my place of stay. I readily agreed. He arrived on the scheduled time. He was carrying a book authored by him. It was about a boy narrating his journey from an ordinary job to a prestigious multi-national company job. He wrote a full chapter on me narrating the entire one and half years of stay with me. I congratulated him with full conviction. We discussed a lot of things. Somehow our talks turned towards earnings and savings. Then he started narrating about the difficulties in saving and about losing money in his other business ventures. Today, his book is being appreciated a lot by readers on his site. He continues to provide complimentary copies to his friends. Sales are rather low, taking into consideration the fact that he had to invest from his pocket for publication of this book.

We have many hard working people around us, who struggle for a very long period to save some pennies for a safe future. On the other hand we also see a lot of other so called “workers” of many political parties who can be seen riding expensive SUVs and MUVs and helping government servants in getting the premium and prized postings, getting contracts of government projects and many other similar things. Some noise related to changing society against all this is being heard. But this noise is too weak in many zones. It is definitely quite low in our zone. Is someone listening?

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg

Connection or Corruption


In a way, I can call him my friend. He is always present at every event in my family. If I face any difficulty, I share it with him. He organizes everything smoothly. If you need a train reservation during rush days, he is there. For electricity bill correction, he will call someone and the corrected bill comes right at the door-step. He was able to get our over billed house tax corrected in his first attempt itself. When I was trying myself, the answer from the municipal corporation people was a set, “please come some other day, today your file has gone to the higher officer.”

One morning, he was sipping a cup of tea in my drawing room and two of us were sharing views about the political scenario of the country. During the discussion he made an interesting remark, “Garg Sahib! In this country, if you want to get things done, you must use Connection or Corruption”. He continued, “Sometimes, even both are required”. This remark made a deep impact on my thoughts.

Are we a society of systems or just a group of people who do everything in the name of being ‘Practical’?  Many readers will wonder whether I am just another writer raising questions or someone new who can propose solutions to this almost deadlock situation. I am truly “None of the above”. Paying bribes for conveniences in return has made life easier for many, but has made me sorrowful every time, when my, “in a way” friend has helped me. I might think, that I do not do wrong things myself. If someone is helping me, what is the harm? Getting things done using connections seems to be lesser crime or no crime at the moment. I am yet to decide, whether it is right or wrong. Things are too complex. Oh! Friends, I also proved to be one, who is not providing any solutions. But I do have a pain, do you have the same in you. Introspect!


Fruit Bearing Trees


I am a member of an association of alumni students of the graduation college from where I passed out. In our executive body forum we decided that every year we shall plant some trees in memory of our late president, who himself was a great nature lover and organised many tree plantation drives under his leadership.  

Now the question came, which is the best place to do so? As we searched around premises of various organisations or societies, we also came across a question regarding the variety of trees we should plant. Our usual answer was that we would be interested in planting fruit bearing trees, like guavas, mangoes, jamun, lemon, pomegranate, etc. All these varieties grow well in the climate of our city Lucknow. We thought that this choice would be welcomed by most societies or organisations. But, we were surprised to hear that fruit bearing trees add to nuisance value in the area when people start plucking them for their own use, without the societies getting the direct benefit.  Most of the bodies gave stress on planting decorative trees only.

We analyzed the situation ourselves. It was evident that we are living in a different world now. People do not want the trees to be planted for others. Gone are the days, when we thought that trees are planted by a generation for their subsequent generations to reap its benefit. Every penny we spend, we want to utilize its full value ourselves.

Finally, as a member of current world’s society, we decided that both decorative and fruit bearing plants would be planted in the premises of a particular organization. It was not a matter of decorative plants versus fruit bearing plants; it was about the reasoning given behind not doing anything for other’s interest. Today also people do nice things, but many of them do it for their own interests only.

Let us keep planting trees, tomorrow will definitely change. Even the attitudes will change.


Thinking thoughts


The bio-chemical process involved in thinking is understood by scientists to some extent. The end result of thinking is to form a thought. Most thoughts are then stored in our memory. Some are discarded and you forget them fast. The process of thinking may begin with some pre-stored thoughts along with some external stimuli. 

I kept on thinking the whole day. How all of this starts. Is there a reason why something was thought and other was not. Although what was not thought could have been thought. How much did I think? Do I have a criterion for measurement? Let me narrate a story here.

“A king was about to start his journey to one of the remote areas of his kingdom. The night guard came to the king and requested the king to postpone his journey. He mentioned that in the night he had a nap and saw a dreadful dream. He had dreamt that the area his king was about to visit had been devastated due to a severe earthquake. The king asked his minister, whether to follow the advice of the guard. Minister said that he has earlier heard about dreams of this guard and advised the king to postpone his journey. Very soon the news of earthquake reached the king. He called the guard, thanked him, gave him some money, but at the same time sacked him too. The King later told his minister that he had sacked the guard because he slept during the night when he was supposed to do his guarding duties.”

Here we see the magic of thoughts happening in many ways. The Guard’s thoughts came during the period of his unconscious activity. These were related to a future event. The Minister’s thoughts were spontaneous and were based on few hear-says and past experiences. The King’s thought were based on critical analysis and thus he came to an unexpected decision.

Hope this analysis will help you find why something was thought. The minister could have also given the suggestion to sack the guard. This was not thought by the minister as he had a predisposition towards being happy about saving the life of his king.  Why a futuristic dream came to the guard is not fully explainable. Many of us must have had firsthand experience, where a futuristic event occurs in advance inside our mind. Sometimes we name it as intuition. Our scientists are still trying to find out why this happens.

I am still thinking and creating new thoughts. You should also keep thinking and create new explanations. With best wishes…