डबल मैंगो मैजिक कुल्फी

July 4, 2020

सामग्री : (4 व्यक्तियों के लिए ) 2 मध्यम साइज दशहरी आम 1 मध्यम साइज चौसा आम 2 बड़े चम्मच मलाई 200 ग्राम कंडेंस्ड मिल्क (मिल्कमेड/मिठाईमेट इत्यादि) 10 कटे हुए बादाम 10 -15 केसर के रेशे 4 आइसक्रीम वेफर या स्टिक 4 छोटी सूखी चेरी (सजावट के लिए ) विधि: – दशहरी आम छील कर […]

Full Form of FRIEND

May 16, 2020

Here is my attempt of creating another expansion of the word FRIEND F – Fights but likes also R – Ready all times E – Enjoys together I – Involved with us N – Naughty sometimes D – Divine like presence

Forecasting Covid 19 related trends

May 12, 2020

While doing research on various factors for forecasting covid 19 related trends, I tried to analyse this whole scenario with a perspective of sustainability of our medical system. Coined this new term RLI and did some analysis by including testing capacity and test hit percentage also as the factors. Hope we can see some better […]

A positive minded expansion of the word ‘CORONA’

April 25, 2020

A positive minded expansion of the word ‘CORONA’ C – Calm yourself O – Organise things R – Reassure everyone O – Offer help N – Narrate experiences A – Add value to life

Namaskar in Our Culture

March 13, 2020

ईश के आकार का तुममें, नमन हृदय से करता हूँ । नमस्कार ये सोच बनाया, वंदन वेदों का करता हूँ । नमस्ते या नमस्कार हमारी संस्कृति में ऋग्वेद से ही आता है। बिना भौतिक स्पर्श के किसी को अभिवादन एक तरह की खोज ही है। ये इस बात को इंगित करता है कि किसी को […]

Seasme Seeds

January 15, 2020

तिल का प्रयोग डायबिटीज, ब्लड प्रेशर और कोलेस्ट्रोल नियंत्रण में भी सहायक है क्योंकि इसमें कुछ माईक्रोन्यूट्रिएंट्स जैसे सेलेनियम, कॉपर मैग्नीशियम आदि भी मौजूद हैं। इसके अलावा इसमें फाइबर भी खूब है। हल्का भूनने पर इसके लाभ बेहतर लिए जा सकते हैं। मकर संक्रांति पर सबको शुभकामनाएं ।।

नववर्ष के अनेक रूप

January 3, 2020

मेरे एक मित्र ने मुझे १ जनवरी को नववर्ष शुभ कहने पर एक बैनर भेजा जिसमें लिखा था कि हमारा नववर्ष तो चैत्र प्रतिपदा पर आयेगा, तब मैंने जवाब में ये लिखा | आदरणीय सर! आज आपका ये बैनर फिर आया तो मैंने सोचा नववर्ष पर व्हाट्सप्प से फैली भ्रांतियों को दूर करने का प्रयास […]

Explaining Musical Notes Concept Technically

December 5, 2019

Frequency wise there is nothing like flat or sharp notes, Half key away or full key away. 12 note scale commonly used in keyboard is called *equal tempered scale* which has notes standardised from A (440KHz) to G(830.6 KHz) where each note is 1.059463 times previous note (2^1/12). This is to make every next octave […]

आदर्श राजनीतिज्ञ

April 2, 2017

[pdf-embedder url=”http://indyan.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/AdarshRajnitigya-1.pdf” title=”AdarshRajnitigya”] [pdfviewer width=”900px” height=”849px” beta=”true/false”]http://indyan.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/AdarshRajnitigya-1.pdf[/pdfviewer]

Logic of Logic

April 2, 2017

I tried to understand the human behaviour with the help of Logic. I failed. I tried logic on understanding why there is life on earth; I got stuck with various theories. I applied logic on understanding of GOD; I could not even start theorizing properly. I am a computer guy, so I know that there […]

Come In – Go Out

April 2, 2017

I was conducting one of my aromatherapy classes. One of my friends, who is also a spiritually minded person, came at the end of the class to pick her daughter up, who had joined my class. Since the class also discussed the contribution of Indians to the world knowledge pool in every sphere of life, […]

Let’s Talk Negative!

February 17, 2017

“Come! let us have lunch together”. “I know you must be having some vested interests, that is why you are asking me for lunch”, comes the answer. “OK! Let’s make a new beginning”. “Every time you make a fresh beginning and make excuses”, again comes a typical reply from him”. “I really believe in retaining […]

Mind Uploading Versus Concept of Soul

February 2, 2017

While creating an online course on “Memory Skills Improvement”, I got interested in knowing more and more about our brain and memory. One of the most exciting concept which I came across was “Mind Uploading”. I read about it and saw some youtube videos. Fortunately during the same time I was also creating some courses […]

Regarding usage of Aromatherapy as Internal Medicine

December 27, 2016

An aromatherapist clearing his stance, why he was hypocrite regarding the usage of aromatherapy as an internal medicine, although he practices it himself.

Apple Slice Massage in Fever

December 8, 2016

Learn how fruits and vegetables like apple, bottle gourd, cucumber, banana can be effectively used for body massage for an ailing patient, who is suffering from fever.

Smell Better – Sell More

April 14, 2016

Get an idea about how aromas at point of sale can help you boost your sale.

Getting Rid of Controversies Related to Aromatherapy

July 7, 2015

An answer to controversies that treat ‘Aromatherapy’ as a placebo only and how synthetic salt based pharma industry started ruling the treatment systems.

Administration Routes and Healing Power of Aromatherapy

July 7, 2015

Learn how administration of drugs are done with different routes and how aromatherapy uses these routes for giving its best healing power.

An Unknown Language

June 9, 2014

“Azino-sibne-meta-nido-zoic”. My science teacher came to the class and wrote down this word on the black board. He also wrote an unknown script below this word and then he turned towards us for its explanation. By this time our curiosity level was really quite high. He smiled and began his explanation. Children! This is a […]

Tansen, Tana-Riri, Akbar and Namo

May 26, 2014

Mian Tansen, the musical maestro and one of the Navaratna’s of Great Mogul King Akbar, once sang the raga “Deepak”. With his exceptional singing talent he could light all the lamps around, but it also had a negative effect on his own body. He started feeling a burning sensation himself and became unwell. Due to […]