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Here are many dancing stars on the occasion of Animesh and Aditi Roka Ceremony on 23rd April, 2017. Few dancing stars are Mrs. Shikha, Ms. Sonakshi, Mrs. Aastha, Mrs. Shipra, Dr. Anjana, Mrs. Anuradha etc.

H – Honest, Humble, Healthy, A – Active, Appealing, Adventurous P – Positive, Passionate, Powerful and similar extensions to all alphabets in the wish words “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

Tu Jaane Na – Sonakshi@GJU

The famous song “Kaise batayein kyon tumko chaayein” from the movie “Ajab prem ki gazab kahani” sung by Sonakshi Garg at Guru Jambeshwar University in 2016.