Ravindra Deep 26 (Diwali, 19th October, 2017)

November 3, 2017 | projects

This time I was excited, because I had planned that my son who had recently gone to take his Phd Programme at Carleton University, Canada will launch it from his mobile while sitting right in his cabin at the university.

I had bought an app controlled switch from amazon. As the switch arrived, it was little broken. I made some effort to repair it and make it working. The wifi connection and app control part happened smoothly. On the day of launch which was Thursday, 19th October, 2017. I gave control of my mobile to Shivam at Canada. He fired it, the switch worked well but the rocket I had bought for firing didn’t seem to start. I thought it misfired. I took it out of the launch base threw it on earth and was trying to light another rocket manually. While I was doing so, the earlier rocket still had some fire inside and it did all its action on floor. My foot was quite near to it and fortunately I did not came in contact of any of the fire strokes coming out of the rocket. Means that rocket actually got fired, but due to my impatience, we could not see it in its full magic form.

The show was observed by Mother In Law, Wife and Daughter.

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