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While creating an online course on “Memory Skills Improvement”, I got interested in knowing more and more about our brain and memory. One of the most exciting concept which I came across was “Mind Uploading”. I read about it and saw some youtube videos. Fortunately during the same time I was also creating some courses […]

I did not saw I-Pad till date. I read a lot about it from internet. I even taught others what is an I-Pad, but somehow it didn’t excite me. I-pad can only be successful if it can do all what a windows computer or a mac can. People are already used to using a full […]

It looks more like filling more into pockets of Mr. gates when you try products like windows vista and windows 2007 vis-a-vis windows-XP. Actually from last few years the user’s are being fooled to pay for a revised interface. The writer for this matter is into the training business and may be good to start new classes in every operating system. […]

I am sure that every user wants this, but the companies don’t. Why can’t we have same operating system for Client as well server side with all the facilities. I know there could be lot many technical answers, but now the time has come where we have to move beyond trying to prove logic just […]

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“Come! let us have lunch together”. “I know you must be having some vested interests, that is why you are asking me for lunch”, comes the answer. “OK! Let’s make a new beginning”. “Every time you make a fresh beginning and make excuses”, again comes a typical reply from him”. “I really believe in retaining […]

“Azino-sibne-meta-nido-zoic”. My science teacher came to the class and wrote down this word on the black board. He also wrote an unknown script below this word and then he turned towards us for its explanation. By this time our curiosity level was really quite high. He smiled and began his explanation. Children! This is a […]

Mian Tansen, the musical maestro and one of the Navaratna’s of Great Mogul King Akbar, once sang the raga “Deepak”. With his exceptional singing talent he could light all the lamps around, but it also had a negative effect on his own body. He started feeling a burning sensation himself and became unwell. Due to […]

It was quite late in the night. Such late nights can technically be called mornings. As usual, my wife was already in her beautiful dreams. Due to cold weather, I had decided to work in my bed itself. The room was extremely cozy and silent. While using my laptop, I felt that I could hear […]

“The Merchant of Death is Dead”, was the headline in the morning newspaper which he read about himself. He was well in his senses, but his face became pale white. He thought: “Is this the way people will remember me after my death?” Actually it was the news regarding the death of his brother. The […]

I know an old man who is very creative, and unlike other creative people he always likes to share the techniques and tools of his creation with other people around him. With his experience of teaching, he has created innovative techniques to teach Hindi to beginners. The methods he has devised are more useful for […]

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Learn how fruits and vegetables like apple, bottle gourd, cucumber, banana can be effectively used for body massage for an ailing patient, who is suffering from fever.

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I tried to understand the human behaviour with the help of Logic. I failed. I tried logic on understanding why there is life on earth; I got stuck with various theories. I applied logic on understanding of GOD; I could not even start theorizing properly. I am a computer guy, so I know that there […]

I was conducting one of my aromatherapy classes. One of my friends, who is also a spiritually minded person, came at the end of the class to pick her daughter up, who had joined my class. Since the class also discussed the contribution of Indians to the world knowledge pool in every sphere of life, […]

When I attended sessions from many holistic healers, the concept of five element theories was often over stressed. I also heard from them various related theories and the so called deep analysis of why those five elements form the basis of the constitution of this universe. The most commonly explained five elements are Earth, Water, […]

He was an old office colleague of mine. He used to meet me very often even after I had left that company and started my own. His purpose was just to keep discussing with me some social topics, some philosophical topics or even some topics that relate to spirituality. I always enjoyed discussing with him, […]

I did my schooling from a public school in Nainital, which is now in Uttarakhand. Our school syllabus was quite advanced and modern mathematics teaching used to begin quite early. I was just eleven years of age at that time. The problem of proving that root of two is an irrational entity was being taught […]