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Are we turning into a society of codes and IDs.

For some people it is extremely difficult to earn money. Whatever they do, the goddess of wealth is never happy with them. They work hard, they help others, everyone appreciates them, but at the end of the day, their pockets remain empty. Everyone is thankful to them, but no one really pays them. No one […]

In a way, I can call him my friend. He is always present at every event in my family. If I face any difficulty, I share it with him. He organizes everything smoothly. If you need a train reservation during rush days, he is there. For electricity bill correction, he will call someone and the […]

I am a member of an association of alumni students of the graduation college from where I passed out. In our executive body forum we decided that every year we shall plant some trees in memory of our late president, who himself was a great nature lover and organised many tree plantation drives under his […]

The first moral science story of my young days which I remember was the story of a farmer, who was worried because his four sons did not work in farms and kept quarreling amongst themselves. One day he told them that he had placed his pitcher of money somewhere in the farm. He had forgotten […]

The bio-chemical process involved in thinking is understood by scientists to some extent. The end result of thinking is to form a thought. Most thoughts are then stored in our memory. Some are discarded and you forget them fast. The process of thinking may begin with some pre-stored thoughts along with some external stimuli.  I […]