Stories I Lived

He said, we will die early and will find a place in hell, if we don’t pay him the required charges for his pooja ceremony. He was demanding a sum of Rs. Five thousand and one for the “asthi visarjan pooja”. This made me angry. I requested the pundit to stop any further pooja. I […]

Recently I was watching a TV-serial based on recent real life incidents. In that episode a child servant was shown eating leftover food of their masters. This immediately reminded me of a very emotional moment of my childhood. While on a NCC camp tour during my school days, our train stopped at a station named […]

I was just thirteen. I used to study in a boarding school at Nainital. My father was also posted in Nainital. So, I used to pay weekly visits to my residence in brook-hill colony. It was a beautiful Sunday and I was on my regular home visit. My father asked me to come along with […]

Sometimes few comments hit so hard, that you can recall them even after many-many years. I was in class sixth, aged around ten. I was good at studies and due to this reason, I often suffered from over-confidence. I always felt that I don’t need to study before the exams.  It was one such day, […]

It is a story of those days when I was studying in a boarding school in Nainital. Our school was on a hill top and we used to get town-turns on special occasions. A town-turn means a permission to go to town for three to four hours. The town was three kilometer down the hill. […]

When I was a kid, my family thought that I had some special powers of predicting the future of people. Actually, I used to sit in front of the place of worship in my house for quite a long duration, which was unusual for a child of my age. I was around six or seven […]

She used to work in the department, which was heading. He was the one who had selected her in an interview for the post of a typist. She was confident. She had good typing speed. He thought that she would prove to be an extra-ordinary worker. She did do quite a lot of work every […]

I was moving inside a tunnel. It felt as if the wind around me was moving very fast like a whirlpool. The tunnel was completely dark, but I still had a sense of direction. I kept on moving for a long time. I had some different kind of senses. The feeling of having a physical […]