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While creating an online course on “Memory Skills Improvement”, I got interested in knowing more and more about our brain and memory. One of the most exciting concept which I came across was “Mind Uploading”. I read about it and saw some youtube videos. Fortunately during the same time I was also creating some courses […]

I did not saw I-Pad till date. I read a lot about it from internet. I even taught others what is an I-Pad, but somehow it didn’t excite me. I-pad can only be successful if it can do all what a windows computer or a mac can. People are already used to using a full […]

It looks more like filling more into pockets of Mr. gates when you try products like windows vista and windows 2007 vis-a-vis windows-XP. Actually from last few years the user’s are being fooled to pay for a revised interface. The writer for this matter is into the training business and may be good to start new classes in every operating system. […]

I am sure that every user wants this, but the companies don’t. Why can’t we have same operating system for Client as well server side with all the facilities. I know there could be lot many technical answers, but now the time has come where we have to move beyond trying to prove logic just […]