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XML or eXtensible Markup Language is everywhere. Web interfaces, mobile phones, airline tickets, bank transactions, every such application uses this technology extensively for data interchange. Know the basics here.

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The basic techniques of making a CV are given in this presentation. This may be suitable for a job, application for higher studies etc. To help you make your CV you can contact me directly at

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Goals are important in life. Many researches have proved that people who set goals are more likely to achieve them and also achieve them in time. Important is one must set result oriented goals. Let is see how ..?

If everything is fine, but attitude is not, assume that nothing is fine. No real output will ever come. To know, how one can correct his attitude, read on ..

To motivate others and to remain self motivated, it is always useful to understand the concept and types of motivation. Understanding needs using Maslow’s, Alderfer’s or McClleland’s Theory is useful.