• I am a young boy of 59 years age willing and living to contribute to the world society, to the best of my ability and skill. I would be proud if instead of dying, I could live for my country, INDIA, and see the day when my country is on the TOP of this WORLD..

My Profession
  • Currently I am running an education company named “Sunmitra Education Technologies Limited“, the Head office of which is located at Lucknow, the capital city Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India.  Earlier I worked as Senior General Manager and Head of Software and Content Division at a  company in Lucknow, called UPTEC COMPUTER CONSULTANCY […]

My Education
  • I strongly believe in continuing and collaborative education. I keep doing courses where ever I get an opportunity.  So I can not name every course I did. Some major ones that fetch my livelihood are: A Doctor of Naturopathy course from Indian College of Naturopathy. An Electrical Engineering Graduate degree (1983 pass-out) from Motilal Nehru Regional […]

  • Practically everything in this cosmos interests me. Internet,  Computers,  Electronics, Magazines, Books, Music, Dance, Aeomatherapy, Astronomy, Craft,  Sports,  Travel, Cars, Photography, […]

  • I was born in the family of Late Sri Ravindra Kumar Garg and Late Srimati Sushila Rani on 17th October, 1963 at a government hospital in Saharanpur city of Uttar Pradesh, India. My father hailed […]

Role Models
  • My role models on this earth are Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein and Leonard-de-Vinci. I feel that these souls are still living inside me. My role model in this universe is ‘SUN‘, the star, the GOD, the […]